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Laser engraving can be performed on most hard materials. The laser engraving process is an extremely precise process with .001mm accuracy producing pristine results. When we design your engraving or you provided us with your custom design, we will test the material to be used and will show you a sample of the resulting marking. Engraved metals such as stainless steel produce long lasting and amazing looking outdoor wall plaques and signs. Wood is also a fantastic medium to work with. We can adjust the depth and degree of burn into the wood resulting in great effects. Plastics and glass are also well suited to the laser engraving process. When you call us we will discuss your needs and help you decide on the best products to use.



Laser Engraving Plastic | Adelaide

Laser engraving plastic is an easy laser process. Call us to discuss your project. We Laser engrave all types of plastics, most commonly acrylic due to its low cost.

Call now to discuss your project PH: 08 8370 5082


How can we help you?

  • Step 1: Meeting

    cnc machining and engraving handshake 1. We meet to discuss your project. For large projects we will come to you.

    2. Please have all your artwork and ideas ready for viewing.

    PLEASE NOTE: We do not take on projects with an end value under $300

  • Step 2: Design

    Cnc machining metal and wooden screens in Adelaide 1. We will use your existing artwork, or create new artwork for you.

    2. Depending on your project size we can offer proofs and/or samples.

    3. For interior and exterior signs we can provide visual proofs of concept.

  • Step 3: Production and Installation

    Cnc machining and laser cut signs 1. After agreeing on your project design, we will establish some timeline milestones.

    2. To start production we will require a deposit.

    3. Once completed and final payment is made, we will deliver your products to you.

    4. If we are installing your finished products for you, the final payment will be due on completion.